“To inspire a new generation to actively participate and compete in the sport of archery”


Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

J’z Archery Academy is a brand-new sports coaching venture, based in Palmerston North. We have a passion for archery and are dedicated to share and promote this sport with school students (intermediate age and above) across the lower North Island. Archery is one of the world’s oldest sports and has been an Olympic sport since 1900. J’z Archery Academy wants to inspire a new generation to take up archery as an enjoyable and competitive sport. Justin Dittert owns J’z Archery Supplies, a Palmerston North based business, providing archery equipment and advice to the NZ archery community. He is a registered Archery Coach with years of experience in the sport. He shoots competitively himself, and has coached junior and senior archers of all ages, from beginner level right up to New Zealand representative level. He has recently been appointed Team Coach for the NZ Junior Archery Squad to face Australia in 2018. J’z Archery Academy’s aim is to bring Archery to more schools, teach and encourage students (Years 7-13) in the basic skills of archery and, if they wish to continue, provide ongoing coaching out of school time for this growing sport.

What’s involved?

We would like to offer your Year 7 and above School students a one hour lesson each week for 10 weeks of the school term, starting in Term 2, 2018. This will most likely be an after-school activity, or even in school hours (if your scheduling permits). The maximum number permitted per lesson - due to health and safety considerations - would be 10 students. (minimum of 7 students for viability) J’z Archery Academy will provide all the equipment needed for your students - target butts, target faces, beginner archery bows, arrows and safety equipment (eg. backstop net to catch arrows if they miss, arm and chest guards etc). If students have their own archery gear, they can bring their own. Ideally an outdoor venue is best (eg school sports grounds), with a minimum distance of 10m in length. This should face away from any school buildings for health and safety reasons. Depending on weather, it can be run indoors if necessary. Safety is of paramount importance and so there will be stringent guidelines on student conduct and obeying all safety rules. The Coach will reserve the right to take a student off the shooting line if they do not obey all safety rules. These rules will be provided in written format upon enrolment for student and parent reference, and will be available on our website. Each lesson will be structured, so by the end of the term, students will have a general understanding of archery, safety rules and regulations, equipment maintenance, with target shooting starting at beginners distances, from 5m up a maximum distance of 20m.

Benefits for the school – and students

Being associated with J’z Archery Academy would benefit a school in several ways... Being involved in archery enhances student achievement and sense of wellbeing – and gives some students who are not naturally “athletic” a sport they can enjoy. Archery has noticeable health benefits: It improves upper body strength and balance, and there can be a lot of walking involved! According to World Archery, there are 8 main benefits to taking up archery: exercise, strength, control, coordination, patience, relaxation, self-confidence and socialising Building Confidence: J’z Archery Academy beginner lessons are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to competently shoot a bow, and understand the basic principles of archery. The goal is to provide them with a basis and the confidence to shoot to the Archery New Zealand required distances for their age groups – in further terms - should they wish to pursue the sport at a club or national level Enrich the school by providing a unique extra-curricular activity: Archery is not known as a mainstream sport, however interest in the sport is growing each year. As an official Olympic sport, J’z Archery Academy can help students reach a level of confidence in archery – to the extent that a school can register for the Nationwide Archery in Schools programme, officially recognised by the governing body – Archery New Zealand. This programme can be run across all schools in New Zealand. For further information: http://www.archerynz.co.nz/your-neighbourhood/archery-in-schools-2/archery-in-schools-3.html

How much will it cost?

Costs will be $175 per student based on a 10-week term. This cost is to be paid in full before Lessons begin. Full Terms and Conditions and enrolment forms will be available from the school or on our website www.jzarcherysupplies.co.nz With J’z Archery Academy we can offer quality archery coaching at a school, with a professional and NZ recognised coaching business (and we are local too). If you have any questions, please contact Justin on jzarcherysupplies@xtra.co.nz , or on 027 353 3073.

Why J’z Archery Academy?

J’z Archery Academy is Manawatu based, run by Justin Dittert, an Archery NZ recognised Coach, and Coach of the NZ Archery Youth Squad. Justin also runs the Junior Archery programme at Manawatu Archery Club as a volunteer. With lots of experience, all archery in schools programmes run by J’z will be appropriate to the age groups in mind.

How sporty do I need to be?

One of the best things about archery is that it is suitable for any level of fitness! You will develop upper body strength of course and there is quite a bit of walking to and from the target collecting your arrows, but you do not have to be a sporty person! At J’z Archery Academy we also encourage any students with disabilities to give it a try – Archery is one of the most popular sports at the Paralympics! What types of bows can I use with J’z Archery Academy? J’z Archery Academy can teach you how to use a recurve bow (the traditional bow used in the Olympic Games) and a compound bow (a faster and more modern type of bow). All beginners start on Recurve bows for the first term.

How do I book my lessons?

J’z deals directly with your school. You may have received a flyer from your school or attended an Archery Demonstration at your school. Your school will have all the details on how to enrol. Register your interest with your School. You will be sent a link to our online registration page, or given a paper copy. Click the link and complete the registration page. J’z Archery Academy will then confirm with your school the lesson time and you will receive a confirmation email identifying the times for your lessons. Do students need any equipment? No. J’z will provide all equipment for your term lessons. This will include bow, arrows, arm guards, targets etc.

Will I be ready for the Olympics after 10 weeks?

Unfortunately, no. Archery, like any other sport takes time, practice and commitment to become successful. One term of 10 weeks will be a beginners course. For those wishing to continue, intermediate and advanced lessons will be available in further terms. These lessons will build skills to enable you to compete at local and regional tournaments and in time, national events. Can J’z Archery Academy provide the equipment I need if I want to continue archery? Yes. J’z Archery Supplies is a local Manawatu business and can help you find the correct equipment suited to you. You can also have a look at our online shop https://www.jzarcherysupplies.co.nz/

How often are the lessons?

Lessons are held once a week during the school terms. These will depend on the length of the school term, but will ideally be 10 weeks.

How long are the lessons?

Lesson length will be 50 minutes. This gives enough time for a compulsory safety briefing, a warm up and then plenty of time to shoot!

How much do the lessons cost?

Payment is to be made directly to J’z Archery Academy, or if the school prefers, you will pay the school, who will forward payment to us. You will be able to pay by Internet Banking or directly to the school.

How much practise does each student need to do?

How much practise does each student need to do? At J’z Archery Academy we suggest beginning students do a high number of short practises. If you do not have your own equipment we still recommend 5-10 mins a day of using a stretchy gym band to ensure your muscles are warm and getting used to the actions used to draw a bow.

What is the best age to start archery?

Any age! It's never too late to start and all that is required is a desire to learn. However at J’z we want to encourage young people from the age of 10 upwards to start enjoying this wonderful sport!

What if I want to continue archery after the first term?

After the first term is completed, if you wish to continue on from beginner archery lessons, we are offering intermediate and advanced lessons in further terms. It will depend on numbers however, with minimum numbers to be advised.

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